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What do you need to pay attention to?

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First, select the appropriate specifications

The premise to make the best use of the material is to choose the suitable binding bands of different specifications with different tensile forces that can be borne by different specifications. From the perspective of mechanics, too small width will reduce the bearing capacity of the binding bands, but if the width is too large, it is easy to cause problems such as poor effect of waste materials. In addition, if the proper specification is not selected, the fracture phenomenon is easy to occur. Therefore, the proper specification should be selected at the same time as the quality and price of the tape。

Second, avoid light

In the sun after the cable tie packaging bag will appear the fog, or moisture, like just pulled up out of the water If under the condition of the high temperature used or stored, it's water will soon evaporate Without proper moisture, its performance will change, will reduce tensile resistance So, for a professional firm said, pay attention to avoid the light is very necessary。

Third: pay attention to the storage time

In general, the ligature has an aging problem. Generally, the molecular structure of the ligature that has been stored for a long time will degrade and oxidize, and the loss of water will also lead to the phenomenon of brittle fracture of the ligation. In order to avoid the recurrence of such situation, it is necessary to pay attention to the preservation time of the zonal。

Overall, reliable quality and price of cable tie to use, and also need to be patient care in the use of tie of the specifications of the need to pay attention to select appropriate attention to avoid light and attention to the problem of storage time and other details I wish everyone can be combined in the process of using the above mentioned details, reasonable and properly use cable tie, the best advantage。

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