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Advantages of stainless steel straps

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一、Strong bending

Usually tie manufacturers of stainless steel cable tie do not contain elements of nickel, chromium as the core of the main elements, and to the provisions of the chromium content and carbon content are extremely strict, this makes the belt manufacturer of stainless steel cable tie bending sex is extremely strong, according to relevant professional bending resistance and service life of the cable tie has a direct correlation, and many large objects and high ones used cable tie most need good bending resistance。

二、 chemical resistance

Stainless steel cable tie can be applied to logistics or transient, and can be used to lasting goods storage, for stainless steel cable tie corrosion resistance is extremely strong, ordinary alkali substances in the air will not cause fatal influence to tie, so after bundle does not affect the item's location, store some time after it is not easy a tie osteoporosis caused by items scattered。

三、Increased resistance to violence

According to tie factory professional cable tie of hardness and flexibility is not equivalent to its violent resistance, and professional manufacturer of cable tie, stainless steel cable tie in to do the above two characteristics at the same time its violent resistance is relatively strong, use the process of not easy to be down the violence, especially in the process of transportation safety is higher, can prevent the moment violence caused by cable tie。

For means goods transportation belt manufacturer is highly recommended to select stainless steel cable tie, but stainless steel tie series product is not suitable for all objects bound, before the choose and buy should belt manufacturer contact related the personnel of the service, and self-reported purchase purpose, requirement for cable tie manufacturer customer service personnel of the recommended products suitable for using the cable tie。

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