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Using nylon straps at home is a bit of a trick

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 Prepare a pack of cable ties in the home, can can be used in many places Hanging clothes, for example, there are times when I found the home of hangers, is the kind of hangers with bamboo rift The need to use a rope tied, I first think of wire winding is fixed, but not the wire in the home, also have no other suitable wire When I was considering whether to go out to see suddenly thought of cable ties, cable tie tied up very convenient, isn't it? Nylon strapping and wire strapping contrast cable ties will be more convenient, unarmed can strapping don't need to spend too much energy, and strapping tools will need to use pliers, wire and cable tie strapping speed very quickly But also have shortcomings, the strength of the cable tie is definitely better than but the wire So don't need a lot of places in strength, using the cable tie is a good choice A larger place in a timely manner to strength requirement, also can be tied to a few more nylon to solve。

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