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Why is the nylon strap brittle and how to solve it?

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When you use a nylon binder, do you think that it's perfectly normal to be crunchy at low temperatures or in the winter?

The main components of the cable tie is plastic and plastic is macromolecular aggregation, macromolecular slows, at low temperature is the feature of sports movement occurred more rapidly when the temperature is high or low temperature in winter, the molecular motion is slow, when the cable tie by external object deformation will happen, because the molecular motion is slow, the external force is not easily passed away (internal stress of split) or consume (molecular chain friction), so easy to produce stress concentration, when the internal stress to a certain degree, macromolecule is broken, cause crack, crack can lead internal stress concentration and spread, cable tie is broken。

How to solve this kind of problem?

The first method, it is made in nylon cable tie in special materials, small molecule into force transmission effect of reinforced plastic molecules in sports, but this kind of method due to the high cost, so can only be applied to some special industries, such as the special needs of security and stability of the working environment of high and new materials technology research and fire safety system related to the second method, the low temperature condition, used in our daily life to nylon cable tie, we could start with a simple preheating, such as hand hot, heating or use a heater is short The third method, are used in cable tie products, the scale and strength of stability when used as far as possible, make plastic intermolecular force transfer uniform conclusion: the three methods is the current mainstream and efficient way, so can effectively reduce the cable tie when using the accident loss is not only suitable for cable ties, all plastic products are universal

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